How to integrate a Google Analytics project to our Firebase project using the Firebase Integration setting?

It’s the second article of the series to learn the integration process of Google Analytics with Flutter app for both Android and IOS platform concerning different flavors.

Akhilesh Gahlot
2 min readApr 24, 2021


In this article we will learn how to link the Google Analytics project with our Firebase project using the Firebase Integration setting, even if both projects are created on different accounts

So, let’s start:

First open your Project settings page on your Firebase console.

Click on the Integration tab and then click on (Manage/Enable/Link) button on the Google Analytics card.

Here you can link your Google Analytics project.
If there is a project already linked to this one, then first you need to unlink it and then link your newly created project.

And there you go, Firebase and Google Analytics are properly linked.

But sometimes there are situations like, walready having an Analytics and Firebase account but both are created through different Email ID’s.

Then to send Firebase Analytics reports to Google Analytics you need to link them.
For that you need to go to Users and permissions settings in your Firebase project and invite the other user with proper permissions.

You can read about different types of permissions from here:

That’s all now you can share the data between the projects without any problem.